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He cuts his hair on the day of his brother’s execution.

It’s short now yet he feels heavier than ever.  He doesn’t know what he’s
supposed to feel.  Newspaper headlines will say that Kristoph Gavin is a
bad man.  A cold-hearted murderer.  Is that the man Klavier knows?  No.  
He remembers him as his eternal universe.  Kristoph is the ground he walks
upon and with Kristoph, he can reach the sky and graze the stars.

He’s not in a good place right now.

Alone in his office, he rests on the sofa, his chest rising quietly with each
breath Kristoph does not have.  The abuse of his brother is not forgotten;
in fact, it will carry with him forever.  It is his burden to bear, his and his
alone, but he will remember Kristoph kindly.  He refuses to remember the
man in his last moments.  Afraid, broken … screaming in pain.  Screaming
Klavier’s name over and over - shit.

Is he free?  Freedom is so bizarre.  In his moment of weakness, he doesn’t
hear the door open and sunshine walks inside the room.  Or so, it feels like
sunshine.  She sits beside him; he’s staring straight ahead like he’s not really
there.  It all feels so surreal.  He thinks she asks him questions, but he doesn’t
know.  Instead, on impulse, he seizes her slender wrist in the grip of his ringed
hand.  ”…Athena, I …” he trails off; he doesn’t know what to say.  Instead, he
pulls her towards him.  Lips parted, he catches her pulsepoint with his teeth
and chooses to kiss instead.

"I must be a bad man too."

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